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Here is a one-stop shop for all resources available to Compu-Med Vocational students. Explore the different departments and offices we have to offer. If you know someone interested in a healthcare profession and might benefit from education with Compu-Med Vocational, please refer them to the Admissions office.

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Part of Compu-Med Vocational Careers’ mission statement focuses on providing “highly-qualified healthcare training for the next generation of healthcare professionals.” With over 32 years of experience as a vocational school, the mission remains the same as students have a strong desire to jumpstart their desired careers. Professionals, hands-on training, and technology provide students with meaningful learning experiences.

Student services at CMVC can support a variety of academic and personal needs:

Office of
the Registrar

The office of the registrar maintains all students’ personal information. They are responsible for the following:Maintaining and updating studentfiles and student recordsScheduling and school registrationTranscript and enrollment information and requestsImmunization records and more!


At Compu-Med Vocational Careers, we know that our students’ ultimate goal is to enter the medical field as healthcare professionals. The job of Compu-Med Vocational Careers is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to allow you the opportunity to grow. Job search services are available in Florida to help assist those applying for jobs within the healthcare field.Although no guarantee of employment can be made, the Career Services is committed to assisting our students and alumni with employability skills, guidance, and resources to find employment in their chosen careers and respective specialized field of study.

Office of
Academic Advising

Compu-Med Vocational Careers Academic department assists students with information about academic programs and goals. The goal of academic advising is to have supportive staff provide academic guidance to CMVC students to help lead them to fruitful education that will help them develop lifelong learning skills. At this time, course curriculums, clock hours that need to be met, and certification information are given.Externship information can be discussed in the office of academic advising.The Placement Department helps the students to complete the program externship according to their field. An externship is an invaluable way of learning about professionals’ daily work in the desired area. It can allow individuals to test a career by job shadowing and having hands-on in an actual medical scenario. It can also be a great way of getting one’s foot in the door.

Aid Office

The financial aid office at Compu-Med Vocational Careers is dedicated to assisting students in securing financial resources for their education. If you require help with funding your education, we encourage you to reach out to the financial aid office. Compu-Med Vocational Careers is committed to providing you with an estimated financial aid figure to aid you in making an informed enrollment decision. Compu-Med Vocational Careers Corp. actively participates in student financial assistance programs supported by the U.S. Department of Education. These programs aim to support applicants in acquiring the necessary financial resources to cover the costs of their education. Financial aid is available for those who meet the qualifying criteria. For all students, there are payment plans accessible to cover tuition balances. To learn more about these options, please visit the Financial Aid department on your campus.

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