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A Tradition
of Excellence

Compu-Med Vocational Careers (CMVC) has equipped healthcare professionals with the specialized skills needed to excel in this ever-changing industry for over 30 years. From experienced instructors and multiple locations throughout Hialeah and Miami, Florida – CMVC is committed to providing its students with quality instruction that will enable them to reach their highest potential within the field.

Students' present and future success

CMVC is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to hone the skills necessary for potential success in today’s competitive job market. From affiliations such as the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC) to the National Association for Health Professionals (NAHP), CMVC strives to establish partnerships that will provide its learners with training required to thrive within an ever-evolving workforce. In addition, CMVC proudly holds ties with various prestigious organizations like the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce alongside other esteemed institutions, including The Association of Private Colleges and Schools South Florida (APCS) and the National Association of Dental Assistants (NADA).                                

Our History of Growth

Compu-Med Vocational Careers was founded in May 1990, and the corporation was organized in September 1989. The school was called the Medical and Dental Training Center at that time. In July of 2000, we changed the name of our school and later called Compu-Med Vocational Careers.

Compu-Med Vocational Careers is now an accredited institution offering training and degrees in various vocational fields. Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. We also offer training and degrees in allied health professions such as radiology technician and dental assistant training.

Beginnings for CMVC

In the beginning, we were in a small, two-classroom facility on Okeechobee Road in Hialeah, Florida. The school offered, at that time, only Medical and Dental Assistant programs. In April of 1993, the school moved to a larger facility and added the Nursing Assistant program, now called the Patient Care Technician program.

The school first obtained a grant of accreditation in 1994 and received a renewal of its accreditation in 1996. Over the years, additional programs in English as a Second Language and Computer Business Applications were added. During this time, enrollment grew. As a result, we moved our school again to a larger location, still in the Hialeah vicinity, which is currently our present facility, located at 2900 W. 12th Ave., 3rd Floor, Hialeah, Florida.

Expanding Education
to Help Our
Students Succeed

In April 1998, the school established a branch facility in Miami, Florida. The school began offering classes in Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Nursing Assistant, now called the Patient Care Technician program, in May of 1998. Initial accreditation for this location was received in May 1999. In October 2000, our Branch facility was situated at 9738 S.W. 24th Street, Miami, Florida.

Both schools obtained the renewal of accreditation from February 2012 through February 2017.

In December 2010, the Board of Directors decided to make the following changes to our programs, of which approval was granted by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education in June of 2011: Enhancement and modification of existing programs such as for Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Patient Care Technician, and Computer Business Application.

and Mission


Compu-Med Vocational Careers is dedicated to providing relevant education and vocational training to enable our graduates to take advantage of career opportunities within our specialties and acquire entry-level positions upon graduation. We are committed to providing students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market while also ensuring they have a clear path to future employment.

We believe everyone deserves a chance at success, and we strive to provide our students with the necessary tools they need to succeed in their careers. We believe in our mission, and we know that when you allow someone to learn new skills and gain valuable experience, they will go on to make a positive impact on our community.


The School provides a comfortable and pleasant environment, reflected through cheerful student surveys. The result is always positive. We constantly try to improve by giving the students learning techniques guided by professionals who make teaching their vocation. We promote among Compu-Med Vocational Careers Team members an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and trust, which motivates us to work together to the best of our abilities and give the students our best services.

At CMVC, students are our main priority. This is why in addition to the technical training offered, CMVC team members educate and teach our students rules of professionalism and moral conduct. Discipline, punctuality, and attendance are our primary tools in training and educating students. At CMVC, we care about the students’ worries and needs, advising and guiding them through their educational journey until they reach their goals as well-trained and educated individuals capable of taking care of our community members with professionalism, ethics, and compassion.

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