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Is it your first time pursuing a healthcare education? If so, explore how you can become a student with Compu-Med Vocational Careers! First-time students are encouraged to learn about their program and degree of choice and explore how to apply. Each health education program and degree has certain perquisites and requirements needed for admissions.

Not a first-time student?

If you are not a first-time student pursuing healthcare education, you may need to follow different steps to get started at Compu-Med Vocational Careers! Find out what type of program or degree you would like to pursue to find the correct steps and apply as a transfer student.

Health Career Programs Offered with CMVC

How to Apply to CMVC

The application process at CMVC is easy, and we’ll be with you at every step. Just follow these steps:


Submit the Application for Admission.


Send us your final high school or GED official transcript to


Submit your TEAS scores to


Explore financial aid. 


Attend Orientation. Schedule an in-person orientation or complete it online.

Admissions Requirements

At CMVC, students are greeted and identified by an admissions advisor. An interview is conducted to explain to the prospective student the services our institution offers and evaluate qualifications for entrance.

Most qualifications for entry amongst programs include:

– Prospective students must be 18 or older or have proof of emancipation.

– A prerequisite of a High School Diploma or recipient of an Equivalent (General Equivalency Diploma (GED).**Please note that students with High School Diplomas from foreign, non-English speaking countries will be required to obtain an additional certified translation of the High School Diploma in English. The document must be a certified document stating that the translated diploma is equivalent to the High School level in the United States.

– Students who attended an eligible program at a Title IV institution before July I, 2012, may use any of the ATB alternatives to become eligible for Title IV HEA student assistance

– Depending on the vocational career program chosen, a passing score of a CMVC competent assessment or another entrance exam may be required.

Compu-Med Vocational Careers reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant who does not meet these requirements. For more admissions information, click on the program of choice.

Financial Aid

Compu-Med Vocational Careers (CMVC) is committed to making education costs affordable. CMVC is certified by the U.S. Department of Education for Title IV funds. Tuition assistance and financial aid are accessible, and a variety of grants, loans, scholarships, and other options are offered.

These programs are crafted to assist applicants in obtaining Title IV funds to support their education. Financial aid is available for those who meet the qualifying criteria.

If you have any questions about the process of applying for financial aid, please feel free to call us or send us an email. It is crucial to stay informed about the application progress and stay organized as you embark on your journey with CMVC. We are eager to assist you in achieving your dream healthcare career!

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